Objectives and Key Results made simple

Unlock your organizations potential using OKRs
your OKR Roadmap
OKRs in three phases
1. OKR readiness: foundational elements that position CXOs for success
2. OKR writing: technically competent OKR sets that everyone understands
3. OKR framework implementation: design and implementation of the organizational change program


Who we help

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs and their teams that are looking to improve their organization's performance, drive innovation, and build a culture of accountability, will benefit from our support and guidance in writing great OKRs and effectively implementing the OKR framework.

OKR are essential for organizations and teams of all sizes, in all sectors, and at all stages of the business lifecycle who want to accelerate their growth, agility, and impact.

Leaders that are seeking to create a more inclusive, collaborative, and engaging culture of continuous improvement and learning will appreciate our services.

Overall, we help organizations that want to build their
1. OKR writing muscle
2. transformation readiness engine
3. performance management capabilities

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What we do

We simplify OKRs through:

1. A strategy clarification system that helps you communicate where to play and how to win.

2. A three-step OKR writing process that guarantees great OKRs every time.

3. An execution excellence framework that helps you implement your strategy, OKRs, and decision-making mechanism the right way.


Our training sessions provide teams and individuals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they need to understand and use OKR frameworks effectively and efficiently.

Our coaching services provide teams and individuals with the support, guidance, and feedback that they need to develop and implement effective OKRs.

Our advice service equips teams and leaders with the information, data, and insights that they need to make informed and effective performance management decisions.

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What we believe

Strategy, OKRs and execution capabilities are key to adoption success:

1.  OKR readiness because it enables organizations and teams to prepare for and manage the challenges, risks, and opportunities that are associated with successfully implementing and scaling the OKR framework.

2. Great objectives and key results (OKRs) because well-structured, well-written, and well-formatted OKRs provide an organizational language that reduces confusion, improves communication, and encourages creative problem-solving.

3. Execution excellence because strategy is nothing without execution and teams need a system that supports their learning,  consistent delivery of the right high quality work, and success outcomes.

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about Objectives and key results
OKRs are simple to understand...
because objectives and key results (OKRs) are based on a clear and straightforward framework that consists of three key elements: outcome-based goal-setting, progress tracking, and predictive initiatives. The rich and growing body of OKR research, experience, and emergent practices help organizations drive

1. focus and alignment
2. commitment and accountability
3. performance and innovation
and are fun to implement
as OKRs require a significant shift in mindset, behavior, and digital transformation for many leaders, teams, and organizations.  Because OKRs are based on a non-traditional approach to goal-setting, transparency, and organizational performance management, OKR implementations often lead to

1. strategic clarity, increased organizational velocity and improved performance
2. operational excellence, creativity, and enhanced employee experience
3. more agile, adaptive, and outcomes-focused organizations

OKRs made simple
Strategy clarification, OKR writing, and execution excellence.
Clarify your top priority and communicate the company strategy to help align your teams.
Write great OKRs that engage teams, track progress, and deliver bold customer-centric outcomes.
Implement the OKR framework, achieve your objectives, and build the execution excellence muscle.
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