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Uncover the story behind the OKR Strategist experience
Our people

Our World-Class Consultant

A cute professional picture of Vicky Morgan
Vicky Morgan
Founder, Principal, and CEO
Global OKR Expert, Digital and Cultural Transformation Leader
A former McKinsey Expert and Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management consultant, accomplished in data-driven cultural change, strategy execution excellence, and advanced agile transformations.  Vicky is an global player with 20 years of experience working with executive leadership, diverse workforces stationed across the world, and building high-performing teams in Fortune 100 companies. She drives bottom-line impact through a pragmatic focus on sustainable corporate goal achievement habits, customer-centric outcomes, and employee engagement.

Industry Experience
Private Sector: Technology, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, plus Retail & Luxury Apparel
Public Sector: Healthcare

Company Types
Holding companies | venture capital funded startups | high-growth scale-ups | mature enterprises

Functional Areas
Organizational transformation, product development, and digital technology

Operational Areas
Leadership readiness,  organizational performance management, and culture change

Our Coverage Areas

OKR performance management
Digital strategy execution
Advanced agility and cultural change
DEI accountability metrics
Execution excellence

Our Clients

The new C-Suite and their executive teams:

1. High-performing executives that are eager to establish a new company culture characterized by outcome-based performance management, values-aligned operational excellence, and evidence-led decision-making.

2. Tech-enabled companies with unmet OKR needs.

3. Both local and international clients where the leadership team agrees to go first.

Our Partners

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Quantive provides goal visualization, analytics, and business intelligence OKR software as a centralized and transparent way to track progress, obstacles, and goal achievement. OKR software makes it easier to gain insights and manage the performance of an organization.

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Implement OKRs successfully
Expert OKR crafting, OKR strategy development, and OKR implementation.
Clarify your top priority and communicate the company strategy to help align your teams.
Write great OKRs that engage teams, track progress, and deliver bold customer-centric outcomes.
Implement the OKR framework, achieve your objectives, and build the execution excellence muscle.
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