Secure your success with OKRs

Optimizing enterprise performance with Objectives and Key Results.
What we are best at

OKR leadership training, effective OKR writing, and OKR strategy implementation in support of high-performing teams

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OKR Training Workshops
Core OKR training for leaders to help inform strategic decisions:
1. OKR basics: learn what really matters and write technically competent OKRs.
2. OKR reset: basics + writing + adoption strategy.
3. OKRs 202: uncover the CFO + HR journey
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OKR Execution Coaching
Expertly crafted OKRs and framework enablement with you and your teams:
1. OKR implementation parameters definition
2. OKR writing and tactical cycle coaching
3. Quarterly Business Review (QBR) cycle coaching

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OKR Strategy Development
In support of your crawl-walk-run, digital, cultural, and agile transformations we help you create:
1. Strategy execution  artifacts
2. Top-level, value stream, and product OKRs
3.  Accountability metrics and decision-making frameworks
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OKR Readiness Advice
Prepare the Board, C-suite and their teams  for the OKR journey ahead.
In support of scalable adoption, we provide:
1. OKR maturity assessments
2. Metrics, KPIs, and tooling advice
3.  Execution excellence and culture change
Working together is simple
Schedule a discovery call
We'll take 30 minutes to explore your OKR needs. You'll discover whether we are a good fit, identify the best OKR service options, and gain clarity on the investment model.
Sign our proposal
You'll be sent an OKR proposal outlining the specifics of the engagement. Once you sign the contractual agreement and payment is received,  we'll get to work.
Commence work
We'll assess your current process, create a customized execution plan, write some top-level OKRs, and ensure that the foundations for OKR implementation success are in place.
OKRs made simple
Strategy clarification, OKR writing, and execution excellence.
Clarify your top priority and communicate the company strategy to help align your teams.
Write great OKRs that engage teams, track progress, and deliver bold customer-centric outcomes..
Implement the OKR framework, achieve your objectives, and build the execution excellence muscle.
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